2018-10-09 Sprite lights enhancements

Well.. not exactly an update, or at least I thought it would be one, but I think I won't be using this

I'm trying to learn the dark magic of shaders

I'm trying to make a camera shader that takes a depth map from another camera, blends it with the lights and the main camera render, but making the depth map to render sprites depth without making sprites to use a diffuse material seems to be something out of my knowledge

This is my trial and error shader  Cheesy

I think I won't use this because when I finally achieved the blend, the difference was not that much, it even looked worse than before, I did this because I wanted lights to be less affected by farther objects, however there is no noticeable difference, it might be becasue the material the sprite is using, so I need to make a shader that behaves like sprites  but gives Z depth info to the camera, I was not able to achieve that so far, and if this actually won't give any aesthetic improvement, this is not worth the time

Oh BTW I updated the opening thread with a fixed version of the pre-alpha teaser and some summary info so the new people can read more about my game without reading all the stuff I've posted.. which at this point is not that much, but if I can make things easier to new people that might find this game interesting, I'll do

October 22, 2018: I actually ended up using these improvements, I did find a way to enhance the graphics by this method, when I said I was not going to use this, it was not correctly set up. Even so, I feel there is still a place for 3d pixel lights with deferred rendering, specially on those places with lots of parallax items

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